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Holy Foolishness

"We are fools for Christ . . ."


EpiscoRat Assistant for Levity

St. Paul says in I Corinthians 4:10, "We are fools for Christ..." Genuinely Christ-like behavior can certainly seem simple-minded or even insane by worldly standards: Loving enemies? Forgiving tormentors? Giving away possessions and NOT "storing up treasures on earth?" That's crazy, right?

The Christian tradition has always included "holy fools"—persons whose bizarre—if saintly—behavior sets them apart from society. As Christians we know that:

1. We are sinners and we WILL make a botch of things;
2. Jesus loves us anyway and has already forgiven us.

Armed with this Good News, we can laugh at our human foolishness, which is exactly what these pages aim to do.

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