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Discovering Our Future

Discovering Our Future: a review and visioning process for the Diocese of Southeast Florida

Charge and Purpose

"Many of the ways we organize ourselves to do the necessary business of the Church as an organization and to share our resources have been with us for well over a century; I am sure that you will agree that we must be prepared to be more nimble in the ways we serve as the Body of Christ in this 21st Century... To respond to these challenges I am calling for a workgroup composed of representatives from around our diocese to begin analyzing our existing diocesan structures and proposing (opportunities for change)... we need to look at what has worked in the past and what may serve us in the future, and also proceed to begin implementing those changes."

--Bishop Frade’s Convention 2011 Address    

Bishop's Initiatives ONLY

Discover Our Future (entire document with) The Bishop's Initiatives

Bishop's Pastoral Letter
Three Initiatives Worksheet
Discovering Our Future—and overview and outline of the process
Organizational Structure Group Report
Financial Group Report
Demographics--Final report
Demographics - Diocese of Southeast Florida