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The Brotherhood of St. Andrew: History and Organization

Who was Andrew, disciple of Jesus Christ?

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew

Andrew, disciple of Christ, was from the city of Bethsaida near the region of Galilee (John 1:44). He and his brother Peter was a fisherman by trade. In fact, it was Andrew who introduced his brother Peter to Jesus (John1: 41-42). According to the Gospel of John, Andrew was a disciple of John the Baptist (John 1:35-40) before becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is a worldwide ministry, among the oldest in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. Formed in 1883, it has a long, rich history of service in the United States and other countries around the globe. By 1899 the Brotherhood had reached Japan and the Philippines, and by 1900, chapters had been chartered in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Grenada, Antigua, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Panama, St. Kitts, Barbados, Jamaica, Chile, Rwanda, Ghana, Angola and Tanzania. Chapters in Japan, the Philippines, Africa and Jamaica operate independently of the United States and have their own National Council and Conventions. We have approximately over 500 Chapters worldwide. Here in Southeast Florida there are seven active chapters.

The Brotherhood of St Andrew follows the organizational structure of the Episcopal Church, and is governed by a National Executive Board, along with provincial and diocesan assemblies. The Diocese of Southeast Florida is in Province IV, which includes most of the Southeastern States, from Florida north to North Carolina. The basic operational unit is the chapter, which functions at the parish level. The chapters are organized under the direction of the Diocesan Assembly, which is made up of representatives from each chapter. The function of the Assembly is to provide general guidance to the chapters, based on the direction from the rectors and bishops of the Diocese.

Bringing Men and Youth to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

The goal of the Brotherhood is to bring Men and Youth to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our ministry rest on four cornerstones: Prayer, Study, Service, and Fellowship. These reaffirm the pledge we took at confirmation: to follow Christ; to worship God in His Church; and to work, pray and give for the spread of His Kingdom personally everyday. In addition we interact with other ministries such as Faith Alive, Cursillo, Daughters of the King, and Boy Scouts. We synergize our activities with the youth leaders in each parish in outreach initiatives sponsoring youth to attend camp every summer. We also partner with other parish outreach programs such as retreats, Habitat for Humanity and mission teams, like those that have gone to New Orleans to assist in their rebuilding projects.

Can I become a Member of the Brotherhood?

You certainly can become a member of the Brotherhood. The call to discipleship is not just aimed at bishops and rectors; it is the Charge of Jesus to all believers. If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you are eminently qualified to become a member. It is a high calling; in fact it is often referred to as the Great Commission. It is a commission of love given to us by God.

If you are considering organizing the men and youth in your parish to form a chapter of the Brotherhood, contact Diocesan Coordinator Carlos Belgrave at (561) 795-8641 or email for more information.

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