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Clergy Assistance Program Guidelines

Guidelines For Cap Reimbursement

The Clergy Assistance Program (CAP) was created to assist clergy and their families with financial help if needed for counseling or psychological care. We understand the importance of this care and we encourage you to avail yourself to this service when necessary.

Our diocesan insurance has secured an excellent Mental Health Supplement under the Medical Trust Insurance Plan.

1. Mental Health Supplement accepts any licensed mental health provider and most pastoral care providers for clergy and family. Family is defined as spouse and dependent children under the age of 19. There is an inclusion for children who are full-time students or physically or mentally disabled.

2. The mental health provider contacts the Mental Health Supplement.

3. The mental health provider is reimbursed 70% of the usual and customary fee.

4. The remainder of the charge should be directed to the CAP program for reimbursement to either the provider or to the client.

1. File for insurance reimbursement with your mental health provider.

2. If denied, contact CAP and payment will be made in accordance with the Medical Trust guidelines.

All contacts with CAP are strictly confidential.

>> Download PDF version of Guidelines for CAP Reimbursement