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Annual Reporting to Diocese

Annual Reports Required By The Diocese

There are a number of reports that the Diocese expects parishes to submit each year. These reports provide us and the National Church with essential information pertaining to your parish.

There are also reports that go to the State of Florida to maintain your parish corporation and your exemption from Florida Sales Tax.

Report Deadline for Submission
to Diocesan Office
Parochial Report By 1/31
Delegate/Alternate Certification By 2/1
Key Personnel List 2/28
Annual Corporate Report
(Original to Florida Secretary of State)
By 4/30
Parish & Discretionary Fund Audits By 9/1
Certificate of Use-Tax Exemption
(To Florida Department of Revenue)
By 12/31 but not to us

Parochial Report forms are accessed and submitted annually through the national Episcopal Church website.
The direct link is: http://pr1.dfms.org

The Key Personnel Form is to be completed online at:

You should receive your Annual Corporate Report every year from the Florida Secretary of State and you must provide us with a copy.
You should receive your annual Certificate of Use-Tax Exemption from the Florida Department of Revenue, and we do not ask for a copy of this one.

Please submit each of the required forms to the Diocesan office by the deadlines shown above.