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Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting

As required by the Canons of our Diocese (Canon XIV, Section 1), you will need to hold your Annual Parish Meeting no later than January 31st of each year.

The purpose of the Annual Parish Meeting is to elect the new members to the Vestry, to elect the Delegate for the Diocesan Annual Convention (and Convocations), to adopt the budget for the coming year, and to hear reports of the committees of your Church. It would be hoped that the Annual Parish Meeting will not be a time of controversy and personal agendas.

For Mission and Aided Parishes, the new vestry roster, including members whose terms are continuing, should be sent to the Bishop for ratification. The new vestry will elect a Junior Warden and suggest a Senior Warden. The Senior Warden will be appointed by the Bishop.

Parishes without a rector should submit a vestry list for ratification by the Bishop and include a recommendation for the Bishop's appointment as Senior Warden.

Parishes with a rector will elect new members to replace outgoing members of their Vestry. The Rector will appoint one of the Vestry members as senior Warden and notify the Bishop.

The SENIOR WARDEN may not serve consecutive terms, but must be replaced by someone else for the next year/term.

The PAROCHIAL REPORT is due in the Diocesan Office January 31st, according to Canon XV. These report forms will be mailed to each parish as soon as they are received from the national church office.

The KEY PERSONNEL LIST is a tool of the Diocesan office and should be returned as soon as the election results are in from your Annual Parish Meeting.